A Juicer That Won’t Wake The Baby

VSJ843 reviewWe all know how precious and sacred it is when the little one finally gets to sleep. We tip toe and shush everyone who gets too loud to ensure they do not wake up. It is really hard to utilize this time to do a lot on account of noise. However, this would be a perfect time to reenergize ourselves with a glass of freshly made fruit or vegetable juice. Now most juicers are going to be so loud that you are sure to not only wake the baby, but perhaps a few neighbors as well. The Omega VSJ843, however, is one juicing machine that can operate at whisper quiet speeds and let you keep up with a healthy diet.

Perhaps the best rated juicer when it comes to noise levels, the VSJ843 also produces very high juice yields and is really good with leafy veggies. If you enjoy kale, wheatgrass, and spinach, then this juice extractor would be an excellent choice. Even though it is somewhat pricey, this Omega juicer has a lot of things going for it. Here is a quick review.

Features Of The VSJ843

Auto-Cleaning System

The Omega VSJ483 Juicer has a blade which it uses to continually wipe the screen while in use so as to prevent pulp from congesting, thus maintaining juicing efficiency. All you have to do after juicing is pour some water into the machine so as to get bigger chunks of pulp and residue out of the juicer.

Juice Spout

The juicer has a rather small but highly convenient spout tap which eases work by making it easy for juice to flow into the juice container. Simply open this tap to allow juice to flow easily into the juice container and when you are done, close the tap. This feature prevents spills and dripping when changing containers or even when moving the juicer.

43RPM Juicing Speed

Omega VSJ843 has very low juicing speed which is recommended for juicers because low speed juicing lessens oxidation and heat build-up so as to protect the nutrients in the juice. This ensures that the juice can be stored for long periods without going bad and also has a quality taste. This feature also ensures that the juicer operates on a silent mode.

Double Edged Auger

A double edged Auger ensures that the juice ingredients are smashed thoroughly and also aids in increasing the overall efficiency of the juicer by allowing the machine to handle large amounts of work at very low speeds. This feature also ensures the juicer runs quietly.

Additional Drain Rack and Nut Milk Bag

This juicer has a drain rack included which ensures there is enough counter space and produce area for any kitchen size. It also has a nut milk bag which aids in straining pulp from fresh juices and also making home-made nut milk.


Can Juice A Wide Range Of Ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, this juicer can juice various juicing ingredients which is an advantage because it offers the greatest health benefits to the user and is also comes handy during a juice fast.

Easy To Maintain

This additional spout ensures that there are no drips and spills on your kitchen counter when you finish juicing. This tap also allows the juicer to hold up water during cleaning time, making it easier for the silicon wiper blades to do their cleaning thorough. The Omega VSJ843 Juicer comes with a wiper blade which constantly wipes the juice screen so as to prevent pulp from building up hence maintaining juicing efficiency. The user is only required to pour water into the machine and it will clean itself up.

Ease of Use

This machine is easy to handle because, instead of the usual twisting and locking of the motor body that is common in juicers, all that is required is a simple push down vertically and it will be in place.


This juicer comes with a 15 year warranty, the longest of any machine on the market. You can rest assured that your investment is protected and should something go wrong you can get it fixed for years to come

High Nutrition and Less Pulp in the Juice

Unlike most vertical slow juicers, this type of juicing machine produces juice that has less pulp because it is specially designed with a special juicing screen that ensures pulp is broken down into fine consistency. Since the juicer operates at low speeds of 43RPMs, it guarantees no buildup of heat or oxidation thus promoting long lasting and nutrient rich juices.



The VSJ843 is new to the market and it comes with a very high price tag hence making it uneconomical to users who intend to save on household machines.

Can Jam When Juicing Hard Vegetables.

Users should take caution when trying to juice carrots and any hard vegetables because the machine can easily jam when juicing them.

The Omega VSJ843 juice extractor is not completely perfect but it is the best vertical slow juicer in the market, with its quiet operation being one of the most desired features it has. Anyone looking for the best juicer that is almost whisper quiet will find this Omega juicer ideal.

How A Food Processor Can Help Your Family Eat Healthy

cuisinart-food-processorAs a parent, you may find yourself spending a great deal of your time in the kitchen preparing meals for the kids.  One of the easiest ways to improve the diet of your entire family is to keep track on what goes into their meals. While preparing a home cooked dish may seem like a labor intensive task, with today’s modern small appliances food prep time can be drastically reduced. No one likes to work all day and come home and slave over a hot stove. Save time where you can so you can do other things. A food processor can be instrumental in making things a lot simpler in your kitchen.

Put down your knife, put away your cutting board, and find yourself a quality food processor that fits into your budget. You can find the top 10 food processors currently available at http://www.bogritz.com.They come in all sizes, colors, and price ranges, so it should be rather easy to find a food processing machine that will fit all of your needs. Whether you are on a tight budget, or have a little more money to spend on a food processor with more professional features, there is a perfect machine out there for you.

Eating More Vegetables

One of the areas in which having a food processor can help is how well they are able to slice, dice, chop or mince vegetables. You don’t have to waste time with a large knife doing all of these tasks worrying if you are going to cut the tips of your fingers. The more popular brand name machines come with various cutting disc that are able to provide a consistent cut to any type of vegetable your recipe requires. Cooking with fresh ingredients is a wonderful way to experiment and get creative with veggies that your kids will actually enjoy.

Easy To Clean

Another reason that some people shy away from getting a food processor is that they think it would be a hassle to use. But they actually are quite convenient. Most of today’s models include parts that are easy to disassemble and they are dishwasher safe. The lid, blades, and mixing bowl should all come apart easy and fit on the top rack of your dishwasher, it really cannot get much easier.


These veggies are usually the bane of most chefs existence. You have to be quick and skilled to try and chop this with a knife and not end up with tears in your eyes towards the end. This is the perfect example of how a food processor can literally saving you from crying, and it can be done in just a fraction of the time.


Food processing machines can also do a lot more than just cutting up vegetables. They can also be used to mix and make bread dough and pie crust, make your own peanut butter, mix and make fresh salsa, grating and shredding cheeses or meats, making salad dressings, mincing herbs, and making cookie dough to name a few. This appliance has a ton of features designed to save you time when making your favorite healthy recipes. Most models come with different blades and mixing paddles to help you take full advantage of everything that a food processor can do.

Healthy Habits

Kids that eat healthier, are involved in helping prepare meals, and are shown good examples by their parent’s diets, have a better chance to take those habits with them for the rest of their lives. They often do as we do, so by making sure the entire family eats right we are helping to set up a lifetime of healthy eating habits. It all starts in the kitchen. Anything that we can do to reduce the amount of time it takes for various cooking chores, the more likely we are to stick with it. If preparing a meal seems to be too much work or too much of a hassle, the less likely we are to do it again or do it on a regular basis.

Recommended Brand Names

If you are interested in buying a new food processing appliance for your kitchen, then there a few brand names that stand out. Cuisinart makes quality food processors that are quite popular and highly rated. They have a terrific line of models that should serve any type of kitchen and family size. They are durable, powerful, and extremely handy. They also get some of the best user feedback. Other brands like Breville, Hamilton Beach, and Black & Decker also make high quality machines that will serve you well. You can pick up a nice unit for $30 if you are on a budget, or a top of the line model can run you around $300. But there is a capable machine for any budget.

Take control of your and your kids diet by preparing as many home cooked meals as you can on a regular basis. Share good dietary habits with your kids and let them help you in the kitchen and most of all look into purchasing a food processor to save on both time and energy while cooking. It will make everything a lot more enjoyable, and it may even make your food taste better.

Staying Safe While Using Your Jogging Stroller

top jogging strollers for momsRunning is a fantastic way for parents to stay in shape and for new moms to burn off some of that extra baby fat left over from the pregnancy. Jogging burns calories and is important for proper heart health. A number of parents turn to running strollers as a way of combining their workout with looking after the kids. It is also a great experience that the kids tend to really enjoy. However, as with any activity with children, it is always prudent to make sure that everything is as safe as possible for them. Below are some safety tips that you can follow while using your stroller outdoors to keep them protected.

Baby’s Age

The first thing that you will find about using a jogging stroller is that it should not be used with a baby that is less than six months old. The only exception to this rule is when you have a car seat adapter attached to the stroller. This seat will keep your baby’s neck and head stable and it also ensures that the baby’s head does not bounce around more than it should. Infants need proper neck, head, and shoulder support to avoid injury.

Jog In Less Congested Areas

This is an obvious tip to make your time with the jogging stroller that much more pleasant. When it comes to planning a route you need to make sure that you choose a route in a quiet and peaceful area. Try to choose a bike route as it is generally not very busy and if you have trouble choosing a peaceful area, and then try to choose a path that is dedicated to running. You really do not want to be dodging traffic or travel near busy roadways if possible.

The Less Turns The Better

When choosing a jogging stroller, try and get one whose front wheel can be locked and unlocked. When using the jogger you should remember to lock the front wheel, as then there is practically no chance that the stroller will turn suddenly and cause a crash or fall over. Long straightaways provide the best opportunity to avoid tip overs and a locked front wheel helps keep the stroller stable.

Proper Clothing

It is important to ensure that your child is well protected against the elements. If the weather is cold or if it is windy, then be sure to clothe your child in warm clothes. If it is hot then you should ensure that your child has just enough clothes on him or her to stay comfortable. Also, in hot weather be sure to protect the child with a visor and with some sunscreen. Try and run for short distances in very hot as well as very cold conditions.

Stroller Safety Features

Today’s running strollers should all have some sort of safety harness that will keep your child from falling and from being shaken more than he or she should. Use the harness to ensure that the child cannot reach out and get his or her fingers stuck in the jogger’s wheels.

Scheduling Your Run

It makes sense to time your run so that the child does not mind being taken out. Try to take the child out on a run before it is his nap time as this is the best time to run, as the running movement of the jogger will help put the child to sleep. Avoid taking the child out on a run before his mealtime as he will be feeling hungry and will not be amenable to going out in the jogging stroller.

Pace Yourself

When using the jogging stroller you need to make sure that you run at a speed that is acceptable. Typically, you should run about a minute per mile less than you normally run. This will benefit you as you will succeed in burning greater numbers of calories and you can also indulge in some much needed resistance training. Also, running at the right pace makes things easier for both you and your child.

Also, it makes sense to invest wisely in a suitable jogger. To find the right stroller you must research your options. Current jogging stroller ratings and reviews show plenty of high quality and safe options that should appeal to every budget. Also, keep in mind the amount of running you plan to do. The right stroller will make things easier for everyone. Also, try and pick one that has a canopy, hand brake and which can be integrated with a car seat for added safety and convenience. Jogging with your kids can be a great way to look after your fitness need while you are also looking after your little ones. With the proper precautions, the entire experience can be safe and fun.

Avoiding The Ultimate Trauma With The Right Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seat ratingsThe one trauma that parents constantly worry about is keeping their kids safe and protected while driving. The road is a scary place and accidents do happen. This is why having a safety seat is so crucial. Convertible car seats are some of the most popular options for parents as they can be used as your child grows which means that you will need to buy just one seat for most of their early years. For the ultimate in protection as well as comfort, the one seat that we have found that we cannot do without is the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. This is a high end child seat that will deliver high end performance for both parents and children. So if you are losing sleep over which model you should buy, we highly recommend this one.

Why It Is One Of The Best Options

Safety is the number one job of every car seat, and the Primo Viaggio has been thoroughly test and meets every safety standard and regulation. The other important factor is comfort, and this is where this Peg Perego seat really shines. It is the top rated convertible car seat for those who can afford the very best for their children. This is not a budget friendly choice, so this safety seat may not be an option for everyone. However, it belongs on everyone’s wishlist.


The Peg Perego can accommodate a wide range of ages and weight. This is a convertible car seat that is designed for children weighing between 5 and 70 pounds. This is as long as the child is not taller than 49 inches. This seat is highly compatible with most cars so you don’t really need to worry about incompatibility issues.


This car seat sports a sleek and stylish design. It is relatively lightweight thus enabling easy storage. It can be installed using either the LATCH connectors or the adult safety belt. Perhaps the biggest selling point is that it can hold 70 pound children in rear facing position.

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio has been crafted with breathable Premium Fresco Jersey material that is very comfortable and most importantly, easy to clean. It also boasts of contoured steel back plates that minimize flexing and also reduces forward movement. This seat is available in six different color options.

Even the best convertible car seat cannot fully protect your child if you are using it improperly.  This is something that far too common, so reading the instructions are so important.  Reaching out to a certified professional in your area is also a great idea to make sure your seat does not do more harm than good.


Primo Viaggio review· Side Impact Protection SIP. This seat has the Side Impact Protection feature that guarantees the safety of the child’s neck and spine. You can easily adjust it to 10 different positions while the child is seated.

· Energy Management System (EMS). This safety seat comes with contoured steel back plates that work efficiently to reduce flexing and counters inertia. The system has steel pins that gather energy and channels it to the seat’s base thus reducing the stress on the child.

· Convertible. This seat also features a convertible design that allows parents adjust the seat’s angle to the child’s convenience.

· SAFE Technology (SAFE). This car seat also boasts of a shock absorbing feature that uses foam to reduce the impact on the child by collecting the energy.

· EPS Foam Shell. This great feature also uses foam on the shell and head panel to also shield these parts from any impact.

· Wide padded seating area. The seat comes with a wide seating area to accommodate the child. The padding enhances comfort.


The Primo Viaggio has a lot of advantages over its competitors. This is simply because of it top class features optimized to offer superior safety and comfort. Here are some of its advantages.

  • Highly portable because of its lightweight design
  • Best in class comfort
  • Top class safety courtesy of the SAFE, EPS and SIP features
  • Easy to install as you only need the LATCH connectors or the adult safety belt
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Enhanced durability courtesy of the high grade materials
  • Compatible with most cars
  • It is the longest extended rear facing convertible seat


Even though the Primo Viaggio has quite a lot of pros, the price tag is quite high. It is one of the most expensive child car seat in the market. This is something that keeps it from getting the top spot on a lot of reviews.

Owner Ratings

This seat has received overwhelmingly high ratings and positive user reviews. Most customers praise it for its great features, weight, durability and comfort. It has actually scored 5 stars in most reviews. In fact, it is ranked among the best selling seat in its range by top sellers like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

If you want the perfect blend of style and performance, then the Peg Perego Viaggio is the perfect choice for you and your child. It has a wide range of safety features that make it a cut above the rest. It offers enhanced comforts courtesy of the Fresco Jersey material. So, if you want to reduce some of the stress that the road can dish out, and you have a healthy budget, this convertible car seat is an excellent option for your family.