Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews of 2016


How do you find the best convertible car seat for your family? The main factor that we look at to determine which models make our list is parent satisfaction and recommendation rates. Who better to learn from how a certain baby seat performs than from those who have actually purchased and used the product on a daily basis? We have scoured over numerous online retailers and read through countless customer reviews to find the top rated child safety seats available. Below you will find our convertible car seat reviews of the top seats for 2016 that include the highest rated infant car seat and a few booster child seats as well.

#1 – Graco Size4Me 65 – Check Price

The Size4Me 65 from Graco is a convertible child seat that offers the perfect balance between features and price. This is perhaps why it has been so popular with parents. With energy absorbing foam, Graco’s “Simply Safe” adjustable harness system, and LATCH compatibility, this seat has tremendous features to help put your mind at ease while driving. It has been engineered to accommodate children from 4 to 65 lbs. Rear-facing configuration is for kids 4 to 40 lbs, while forward-facing configuration is rated for children 22 to 65 lbs depending on their height. It also comes equipped with machine washable seat pads for years of easy maintenance. This is perhaps the best overall value on our list which is why it takes the top spot.


#2 – Britax Marathon G4.1 – Check Price

britaxG4The Britax G4.1 is another fine example of the high quality options available to parents. This model is an updated version of their widely popular G3 line of convertible safety seats. Some of the improvements include; a new insert for infants up to 22 lbs, a HUGS harness system that has been refined, a line is now located on the cover indicating the maximum shoulder height for rear facing use which lets parents know when it is time to switch to forward facing, and the maximum weight limit has gone from 70 pounds in the G3 down to 65 pounds for this model. The Marathon G4.1 is a newer model that carries on the high quality Britax is known for. It has also received exceptional scores from parents which is why it is so high up on our list.


#3 – Peg Perego Primo Viaggio – Check Price

peg-peregoThis is one of the highest rated convertible safety seats based on customer reviews that we have found. It is a bit pricey but owner feedback has been superb. It is designed with premium features such as a 10 way adjustable side impact protection, crumple zones in the base that compress in the event of an accident and protect the passengers neck and head, and energy absorbing foam. This seat is also elite when it comes to being comfortable as it is made with plush materials that are easy to clean. Everything about this seat is world class and those who have purchased this unit agree. Its high scores from parents make this the best rated convertible car seat on our list.


#4 – Diono Radian RXT – Check Price

dionoThe Radian RXT from Diono provides superior protection for children of varying sizes and weight. Designed to accommodate kids 5 to 45 lbs in rear-facing mode and 20 to 80 lbs front-facing. Made with an all steel alloy frame this seat has passed all national safety tests and meets or exceeds all standards. This unit is also designed to be versatile by having two reclining positions to fit most makes and models of vehicles. The RXT also folds flat for easy storage. Made with comfortable and machine washable materials, this seat is a big hit with both parents and children. For a safe and cozy ride, this is model is a wonderful option.


#5 – RECARO ProRide – Check Price

recaro-prorideRECARO brings their years of expertise in auto racing and incorporates many of the same safety features into their infant seats. The ProRide offers supreme protection for children with enhanced head wings for side impact protection, a Safety Stripe system, adjustable 5 point harness and energy-absorbing foam. Designed for children 5 to 40 lbs while rear-facing and 20 to 65 lbs while front-facing. Made with materials that are easy to clean and comfy, this model delivers both a safe and enjoyable ride for children. The ProRide is a top performer that owners simply love giving it extremely high ratings and recommendation rates.


#6 – Britax Roundabout G4.1 – Check Price

roundabout-smallThe Roundabout G4.1 is another fine example of the quality and safety built into all of Britax’s child safety seats. This convertible car seat offers an excellent combination of safety and comfort, but at a more affordable price point. This model is one of the company’s better selling models mostly for the overall value that it gives parents. For those looking for the most bang for their buck then this seat is one to consider. Owner ratings are very high and it is also a hit with kids.



#7 – Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat – Check Price

chiccokf30aPerhaps the most popular baby car seat today. The Keyfit 30 is touted by Chicco as being the #1 rated infant seat in American with the easiest installation process, and an overwhelming majority of owners would agree. Not only does this model provide great protection, but its versatility and comfort is something owners really love. Installing this baby seat is a breeze and the carrier can also be used in a variety of different strollers. Recommended for children 4 to 30 pounds, this a great option for the earliest years. It has been one of the top rated options for years and it is still ranked as the best infant car seat in 2016.


#8 – Britax Frontier G1.1 Booster Seat – Check Price

britax-frontier90The Frontier is another one of Britax’s world class safety products. This booster seat comes with all of the superior features you would expect from a high end model. True side impact protection , energy absorbing foam in the headrest, and deep side walls help deflect harmful forces experienced during a collision away from your child. Recommended 25 to 90 lbs in harness mode and up to 120 lbs in booster mode. Excellent comfort and ease of use helps make this perhaps the best booster car seat of 2016.


#9 – RECARO Performance Sport Harness to Booster Seat – Check Price

rec-performancesportThis is another top notch seat from RECARO that is able to accommodate kids 20 to 120 pounds. The Performance Sport has race inspired safety features that include complete side impact protection, HERO harness system and a Safety Stripe system. This unit passes all new safety standards and provides world class protection. Padded memory foam, air mesh ventilation, cup holders and cooling fabrics also provide world class comfort for your child. Extremely high ratings from parents and a great choice for anyone in the market for a booster seat.


#10 – Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat – Check Price

graco-affixThe Affix is a safe and stylish booster seat designed specifically for bigger kids. Recommended for children 30 to 100 lbs., it has many excellent features that both kids and parents love. Safety tested, this model meets or exceeds US standards. Easy to use and install, this seat also comes with a self-buckle function that kids like as they become more independent. Bold colors, cup holders and comfortable fabrics make this a hit with kids as well. Owners give this booster seat very good marks and it is a great option for those on a budget as well as this is the least expensive booster seat on our list.

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Our goal is to help you and your little one avoid the ultimate trauma. We realize just how big of a decision it is to find the best convertible safety seat for your family. so we have tried to take out most of the work for you. With so many options out there it may seem like an overwhelming task to find a child seat that is safe, comfortable, and within your budget, but it is not as difficult as it may seem. Hopefully our convertible child seat reviews will help you narrow down your list and have you zero in on a model that will help put your mind at ease.

Safety Seats On Our List

We all want the best for our children and finding a high quality car seat for our vehicles is a vital part of keeping them protected. Advancements in both testing and engineering have enabled today’s seats to offer both superior protection as well as maximum comfort. Some of the models available today have the same life saving technology seen in race cars. And while we always want the little ones to be safe, we also want them to be comfortable, so we strive to bring you the top models that deliver on both of these aspects.

As you can see from our list, there are many different types of child seats available with varying features, materials and price points. We tried to include some of the top rated infant, booster and convertible seats so that there is something for everyone. Our convertible car seat reviews make up most of our top 10 list because of their popularity and versatility. A lot of parents feel that they benefit more from having one seat that they can use as their children grow rather than having a dedicated infant seat then switching to a dedicated booster seat when the their child is bigger.

Choosing Which Seat Is Best For You

Like we pointed out earlier, there is no one perfect choice for everyone. The best option for you will be highly personal to your own individual wants and needs. Before finding the ideal choice you must first determine what kind of car seat that you need and what you want to get out of it. Some useful question to answer before making a purchase may include;

How big is the child that will be using the seat?

Do I want a booster, convertible or baby car seat?

What is my budget?

How big is the vehicle this seat will be used in and will it fit?

Do I want a dedicated infant seat first?

Will the seat be a permanent fixture in the back of the vehicle, or will it be constantly moved from car to car?

All these are valid concerns and once you know exactly which type of seat that you need, then you can zero in on a model that will best serve you and your child’s needs.

Car Seat Safety

Once you buy your seat and before you start using, it is extremely important to read the owners manual and get familiar on how to install and properly use the seat. A misused car seat can present its own risk and dangers, so this is an extremely vital step. You find more tips and best practices on the website for valuable information on car seat safety.

While we never like to think about being in an accident, it is always best to prepare for the worst. Hopefully our infant, booster and convertible car seat ratings can help you narrow down your choice and pick up that vital piece of safety equipment that we hope we never have depend on. Those looking for the top car seat to buy can also check out the video below for a “crash” course in best operating practices for safety seats.